Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Worship Wednesday

Sometimes we find ourselves in surreal moments - moments we want to keep in our hearts forever. Yesterday, this song came on the radio. I picked up Reagan and danced with her in the kitchen. She smiled and then leaned her head way back - just to feel herself twirling as I sang along.

Top of My Lungs by Philips Craig and Dean


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Stephanie said...

Well Jean, it's true, I'm very sad that I didn't get my personal hug this weekend!! I missed you the most I think, because I have LOVED getting to hear your heart for these last few months and walking in your world a little bit. So yes, I was quite sad to hear you wouldn't be able to make it, although I know you had a great reason. It was very fun, I think you would have enjoyed catching up with everyone and seeing some pretty cool turn-arounds. And yes, if we lived closer, I KNOW we'd be great friends!! But we don't, so we have to be great friends who happen to blog, instead of come over for dinner! I really want to meet your trophy husband too and to introduce you to mine. I know I've never met Brian, but I can tell you that I like him very much! Know that you were missed dear friend, and it wasn't the same without you. Hope you have a great Thursday tomorrow, and oh yeah, I love this song too!!