Thursday, July 31, 2008

Traveling Mercies

I'm writing this on Thursday night, because Friday promises to be a pretty hectic day. We are leaving on an honest-to-goodness vacation tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. At least, we hope to leave at 1:00. A lot of things have to happen before that is possible, not the least of which is feed Reagan lunch. Yes, whatever they tell you about not letting your world revolve around your child because that is harmful to your marriage, well, ignore them. They. Are. Wrong. What's harmful to a marriage is a screaming hungry toddler sitting not more than 3 feet away from both of you inside a small metal and glass box hurtling down the interstate. That, my friends, is pretty much the kiss of we-need-counseling. Not that I am complaining about her, I'm not. What I am saying is that we move at the pace of the child. Which, when motivated (like when I am trying to take away the ball point pen she retrieved from the kitchen table) is considerably faster than you would think. Speed eating is yet to be mastered by her highness. Where was I? Oh, right, we are going on vacation.

I spent the entire day packing for our family trip to the Ozarks. We are going to be staying with Hubby's delicious family. I say delicious because I have a sister-in-law that makes some of the best junk food I've ever had. Oh, also, they are a pretty fun bunch so they can be delicious for that, too. Although, if I called them delicious to their faces, I'm pretty sure they would look at me, shake their heads, and walk out of the room. Its okay. I understand. Hubby does it every day.

Here's the thing about vacations - really, just traveling in general. It freaks me out. I would be slightly remiss in not telling you how I prepared for the slight possibility that I might not return due to any manner of unfortunate happenings. Yes, my day of packing was further complicated by making sure my house was neatly organized. I could explain how I prepared for my absence in more detail, but it would scare you. And I wouldn't want to do that. Cuz I have enough fear for all of your dear readers stored up in my own very person right here. Car accidents are my #1 fear. But so is getting run over by a boat. Flying off a jet ski and drowning. Falling off the deck. Its not so much that I'm clutzy, though I am, as it is that I am just really a product of my mother. Therefore, I fear all things and have thought of every possible bad thing that could ever befall me and my loved ones.

To that end, I once again humbly seek your kind prayers for us as we travel and hopefully have a super duper, albeit toasty, time down in Missoura. No, I didn't mispell it - I'm saying it that way for the next 10 days.

When I return, there will be scores of pictures for your viewing enjoyment. And though I intend to spend a great deal of time in a bathing suit, oh dear me, there will be very few, if any pictures of THAT! You're welcome. Of course, it is possible I'll drop my camera in the pool and end up with no pictures.

You see what I mean.


all up in each others bizness said...

if i were you i wonuld not feed the highness before i left and instead i would use that to kill 2 hours of her time in the car,lol


Miz Jean said...

Alyce, you are kinda brilliant, you know that? I may have to try this on the way home!

Jessica said...

I LOVE your daughter's name!!! Reagan was in my top 5 choices if we were having a girl!!

Stephanie said...

I hope you have a wonderful and delicious vacation!! Enjoy being with family and NOT working...that's a beautiful thing!

Laura K. said...

Yay for vacations! Have a fantastic time guys...
And I agree, though it can be very messy to eat in the car, it is very time consuming and children seem to enjoy the car ride much better that way. To moms like you Jean, it should be no problem. I know you'll be prepared for the car-cleanup with wipes and probably a little dust-buster vacuum. ; )
Happy traveling.

Mom said...

All right, come on! I don't worry about everything, do I? I haven't worried lately that the refrigerator might quit working and all my expensive Schwan's products might melt, I haven't worried that the lawn mower will break down so Amy won't be able to mow the cemetery lawn and then won't be able to finish college, or that lightning will strike the barn while the lightning rod is broken, or any of a number of other disasters.

Miz Jean said...

Jessica - it is a pretty great name. We also considered "Claire", but now that Reagan is "Reagan" I just could not imagine her being a "Claire". :)

Steph - Vacation was a beautiful thing!

Laura - I could do it. Yes, absolutely. However, my husband may or may not completely freak out. :S

Mom - thanks for proving my point. I know you're not even exaggerating one little bit.