Friday, July 11, 2008


My Hubby turned 30 years old yesterday.

He’s never been one for a big party. And truth be told, I considered a massive get together with friends just to celebrate him. I really did. And then I considered how for Brian, a celebration without a giant surprise party would be so much more appreciated. So that’s what we did instead - just a really quiet night at home. We got some food and ate at home (for Reagan’s sake). I made a cake. I made a birthday card. Reagan and I sang to him - or I sang and Reagan smiled from ear to ear and then clapped. Then he went to play some softball. Pretty low key. Just what he would like.

But I have to tell you, a big part of me still misses that party. Yeah, I love to plan parties. It doesn’t happen real often, but when I get my hands on a party, you better believe the OCD planner in me comes to life in a powerful way. Bottom line - I love celebrating people. I absolutely love it.

I’m feeling like we didn’t do enough to celebrate Brian’s 30 years. I’m certain he would argue otherwise. But still...I want people to have the chance to celebrate the awesome man that he is. Because he is.

Brian is a smart guy. I abuse his intelligence for things like spreadsheet questions and calculating 20% at the store. But there are few times in his life where he comes across a problem that he can’t figure out. If he doesn’t know the answer, he finds it. He doesn’t sit there and complain about how he doesn’t know - he just figures it out. He’s not afraid to ask someone for their advice or for instructions.

Brian works harder than anyone I have ever known. Basically, he hates sitting down unless it means he can watch sports. Even then, he likes to be balancing the checkbook or updating our expense log. You won’t find a guy who will work with more effort and intensity on a physically grueling project. He’s a valued helper on any farm or home project. When he’s home, he is constantly looking for something he can do to help. He washes the dishes more often than I do. He helps run loads of laundry through the washer and then hangs them on our drying rack. He mops floors on his hands and knees because he knows I hate doing that. He washes cars every week. He mows the lawn and cares for the yard entirely on his own. He fills both vehicles with gas (meaning, I haven’t had to in at least 8 years).

Brian, by all accounts, is a pretty incredible friend. He never fails to lend a hand when one of his friends asks. While he isn’t the guy that has thousands of friends, he does fully and completely devote himself to the ones he has. He’s a wonderful listener - he pays attention to what they say. And he cares.

Brian is the most devoted father I have ever seen. He never hesitates to help me with Reagan. When we go anywhere, he automatically takes full responsibility for her and follows her everywhere. He blows raspberries on her tummy at bathtime and she giggles and screams. He often feeds her supper, helps her get chicken nuggets on her little fork, shovels spoonfuls of yogurt in between her fistfuls of raisins. He goes on walks with her and takes her to the park, even though he hates swings and it makes him a little sick to see her go back and forth. He chases her around the house. They race. All of this - he does for her. For this little girl that he prayed for so fervently. And its clear he would do anything in the world for her.

Brian is an enduring husband. It can’t be easy, to put up with me the way he has. I’m a pretty strong-willed person, but Brian has never been a pushover. I never question his love for me. I never worry that he will stop loving me or give up on us. We’ve been through some tough times, and he just marches us right through them. As if to say, we aren’t go to stay here - let’s get back on track! And for someone prone to selfishly wallow in pity or frustration, that’s a pretty major (and much-needed) kick in the butt. He has shown me how to take great joy in everyday life.

Brian is a child of God and he lives his faith. There’s nothing more I can say about that that would make that any better.

I am missing a party where we could have let him know how much we love and appreciate him. I want him to know that I do - that he is worth the biggest most elaborate party I could ever throw him. But the humble guy that he is, would never want a big party. So instead all I can do is create a celebration of everyday joy by telling you that Brian is a man wise, compassionate, faithful, and real beyond his 30 years. And that I love him so.

Happy Brithday, honey.

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