Monday, June 16, 2008

Where we're at

- Hubby and super-awesome landscaping friend, Joe, made great progress on the front of our house - which is now finished.

- Plants for said landscaping were purchased at HyVee for half-off. They even had a coveted azalea bush and hydrangea just for me! Happy dancing ensued.

- Reagan has an odd bruise on the top of her right ear. It doesn’t bother her, but it sure is a mystery where it came from. And no, it isn’t ink. I checked.

- I made supper for Monday night on Sunday night and am feeling oh so prepared as I sit here at work.

- Reagan will not be allowed to have poptarts for breakfast anymore. She thinks its pretty cool to smear the jelly filling in her hair. Poptarts were not Mommy’s idea, just in case you were wondering.

- My parents came to visit us yesterday and Reagan had a really great time playing with Grandpa’s hat.

- The sun is shining and the weather is absolutely stunning. For once.

- I helped plan the service for Sunday night and I have to tell you, it was awesome!!!! But not because of me.

- Hubby has a softball game tonight and depending on the mood of the child, Reagan and I may go and catch a few innings. I hear the wives go to socialize.

- I saw this ad for a new boutique type store in Des Moines and it looked pretty awesome. So I researched it online this morning and found out its scary expensive, so I probably won’t go. I thank the internet.

- Reagan handed her Daddy his Father’s Day card all by herself. I gave it to her and said, Reagan, this is for Daddy. She ran around the house looking for him saying “Daddy Daddy Daddy”. When she found him she held the card out for him...and then she ran away as if to say “My work here is done.”

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