Friday, June 06, 2008


It is that hot and humid outstide...or I'm just not used to it...or both. But I'm sorta melting over here. That and we've had several nights (middleofthenight) where in the weewee hours of the morning we get some severe weather that threatens to make all sleep impossible. And to top it all off, last night we had what must have been a lightning strike on our house or in our neighborhood. Just after we crawled back in bed and thought the storm had mostly passed, we were awoken to the most terrifying CRACK! I have ever heard. Ugh. It took several seconds for Hubby and I to determine that we were indeed okay. And then Reagan joined us in our room for a while - more for our peace of mind than anything. And then after an hour of her sweet little head nudging my back she got put back in her own bed where she could resume her normal slowly rotating 360 degrees activities. But bad weather in the middle of the night just doesn't allow for restful sleep! So I'm feeling kinda run down from that too.

But! BUT! We had two special visitors yesterday at our house! Reagan's Grandma and her Great Grandma came for a visit!! It was great fun. We went out to eat - just us girls. We hung out for a while and talked. It was just great to get some time with them. Reagan was thrilled! So thrilled she did her impersonation of the ceiling fan with alarming accuracy. So the day made up for the night.

But we are praying, desperately praying, for some calm weather and please, no more rain. I'm not afraid to tell you that we have some farmers in our state that would really love to get back in the field and finish planting. And we have some wannabe farmers who want to get out in the yard and work on landscaping. The rest of us, we just don't want to invest in a boat.

Have a blessed, and lightning-free, weekend!

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