Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome Home

Reagan knew that Daddy just must have been so starved for the sight of her fuzzy blonde head that he would absolutely HATE to spend just another minute away from her. And Friday night, that included the minutes between the hours of 11:30 p.m. and 3:00 a.m.

Truth be told, the little one had a fairly high fever due to her TEETH-THAT-WILL-NEVER-COME-THROUGH so she was miserable. I don’t think its as much that she thinks “Hey, I’m miserable and therefore you will be made to share in my pain as I howl and fuss all the night through.” No, really I think its more of a “Hey, I’m miserable. You there adult human person - please fix it right this very minute. You seemingly have the answers to everything else and have determined you set the rules around here. Clearly you should have the power to ease my discomfort. So get to it already!” And us, being the adult human persons in PetePete’s life, have really absolutely no desire to be spoken to at all between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. But we did what we could for our miserable little girl, basically meaning Hubby got reacquainted with her by sleeping in the chair in the living room.

Saturday I was in the basement with Reagan. I pulled out my guitar and began strumming. She instantly stopped at my feet and looked up at me with an enormous smile on her face. She proceeded to stand at my feet and giggle as I played a song for her. When I was done she clapped for me. Reagan rocks! She is the first person to clap for me playing guitar. And lest you think she claps because she really doesn’t know better or because she is happy I am “done” playing for the moment, I would like to tell you that this little girl LOVES music. And since I also love music we listen to my music fairly often. She is not growing up listening to a lot of little kid music. I do have some of it around and we do listen to it sometimes. But most often we are listening to Mainstay or Jeremy Camp or Chris Tomlin (or even Seventh Day Slumber). All of whom she thoroughly enjoys. I know this because she claps for them as well. And she dances. Which is adorable.

Sunday afternoon I scurried off to church and proceeded to lead praise team Sunday night. Once when I was in college this kid at a worship service got so jazzed about the song we were singing he started jumping up and down and running down the aisle. On occasion I feel like doing that myself because we have a song that is just that incredibly moving and good and celebratory. Please don’t panic, I won’t do it. But inside, yes, inside my heart I, too, am jumping up and down - dancing down the aisle.

So those are the highlights from our weekend. Reagan appears to be feeling some better today so we are hoping THE TOOTH has decided to come through and relieve her. We’d check for it but every time we have tried we have nearly lost a finger so we’ve decided it is best to just walk by faith when it comes to Reagan’s teeth. Have a blessed week!


Dale Deur said...

Take heart, Jean - I'm another closet "inside jumper". And I wanted to yesterday AM during the postlude we played...

tapango1 said...

don't stay in the closet.....Jesus likes jumpers,lol