Monday, March 24, 2008

Our weekend in a bullet pointed list:

- We attended a REALLY excellent Good Friday service. It was a service of Tenebrae and I highly recommend that if you are ever given the opportunity to attend one, do so!

- Made Snickers Fudge and watched my waist expand.

- Saturday evening we had Hubby's whole family over for pizza and chicken.

- Reagan got a little over-excited about her cuz, Andrew, coming over to play on Saturday night so she puked.

- It snowed Saturday night and it sorta made me mad.

- Sunday morning Reagan and I wore our new Easter dresses.

- Our Easter morning service was really good - very good!

- We attended a large family lunch after church on Easter. I especially enjoyed the salad Grandma made. Yum. Must ask her for "recipe". Though she probably doesn't have one because she can just make stuff without a recipe.

- The Dordt College Concert Choir participated in our Easter evening service. They were excellent. Made me very nostalgic!

- Sunday night, collapsed on the couch.


Krista said...

I hope your hubby wasn't home when the throwing up happened.

Miz Jean said...

He was!!! HA!