Wednesday, March 05, 2008

On an in between day

The good:

- Coffee in the morning makes me smile
- Fabulous new shirt
- Reagan learning how to twirl makes us both giggle
- My scrapbooks are almost completely finished/caught up
- Less snow and ice on the roads this morning
- Monthly meal plan is in place
- Awesome new mattress and bed sheets
- Played guitar the other night and actually "impressed" Hubby
- Bronchitis mostly cleared up...or out...depending on how you look at it
- Laundry done

The bad:

- For some reason, my child acting strangely lately
- Have had headaches for 3 days straight
- Hubby leaves on Sunday for an entire week
- Feeling like winter will never ever end
- NOTHING planned for supper tonight
- No groceries to carry out meal plan
- Being addicted to small portable heater under my desk
- New pillow-top mattress and super-soft sheets makes getting out of bed downright painful
- Worst dream I have ever had in my whole life last night
- Laundry not put away

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