Monday, March 03, 2008

Bender, Marathon, Sunshine, Music

If we were playing Tribond (Hubby abhors that game), all of you would be madly scrambling to figure out what on earth those words have in common. It was our weekend.

Friday evening I raced home from work, handed off my little PetePete to Hubby, and began my cleaning bender. Ugh. A full day of work should not normally be ended in a full day of housework - I much prefer the version where I collapse on the couch and fall asleep. But that did not happen Friday night. While most people go out and have fun on Friday night I was scrubbing toilets, cleaning showers, vacuuming carpets, dusting EVERY surface and washing down countertops. As with so many things in our house, Reagan makes these chores much more exciting. She has an unbridled fascination with our vacuum. And she isn’t satisfied to watch it from across the room. Oh no. Since this is the only piece of equipment in the house that can make a noise louder than her, she feels the need to park her tiny little toes immediately in front of the vacuum. It made for some excitement, no doubt. But the house is now blissfully clean and I respectfully request that any guests please come showered and spotless. I kid.

Saturday morning we got out of bed at a really unfriendly hour and headed over to “the farm” where Hubby helped load some cattle. Then we headed off to Des Moines for our all-day shopping excursion. The problem with going shopping once every 3 months is that my list gets WAY too long and I inevitably leave without something. I managed to find some really good deals on winter clothes...which is all well and good but I was really shopping for summer stuff. I visited a new (to me) store - Steve and Barry’s. If you haven’t been there, go check it out. Everything in the store was $9 and I had a pretty good time perusing their selection. Reagan tolerated the whole day remarkably well, considering she got no nap. She was referred to as a “big guy” only once...even though she was wearing pink socks. Whatever. I tried.

Sunday we had a glorious (but short-lived) break from the winter temperatures when we read 66 degrees on the thermometer. We celebrated this fantastic breath of spring by...staying inside and taking naps. Fools. Sunday evening we had a youth band at church and they were, in a word, incredible!!!!!!! Wow wow wow. I was so blown away by them. They took songs that I normally don’t like musically and made them into songs I LOVE!!! Its so frustrating to me to love the lyrics to a song but feel that the music doesn’t fit or match very well. They made the music every bit as good as it should be. I smiled the entire church service. So so cool. After church while they were playing the postlude, I retrieved Reagan from the nursery and we went back into the sanctuary to dance and sing with them. She loved it as did I.

Of course, this morning the snow and ice were once again coating our driveway. What a rude awakening!! Its hard to believe that spring is right around the corner. But we trust that warmer days like Sunday are up ahead.

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