Friday, February 29, 2008


Thursday night the outgoing deacons and their wives (Hubby and I fit this category, respectively) hosted a dinner for the widows in our church. This is no simple task. That's not to say it isn't worthwhile...I think it is. But as with so many things that are rewarding and enjoyable, it took a little work. Most of it on my part.

Thursday morning the ladies (3 of us) gathered at church to set up and decorate. We really gave that place the business. There were silk flowers everywhere. Glass votive cups with tealights graced each table. Placemats were placed. Tiny flower pots containing all kinds of candy adorned each place setting. We transformed the very boring looking fellowship hall into quite a little garden. There were also children, which meant I spent more time chasing Reagan around, asking her to please put down the flower, asking her to please not eat the flower she ripped off the silk arrangement, digging pieces of the basket she was chewing on out of her mouth, and rubbing her head after she ran into the table. Yes, she made it take 4 times as long.

We gathered back at church (no children this time) at around 5 to finish our setting up and to get everything ready. This included dishing up the catered meal and distributing it to the guests. The food was, in a word, GOOD! Our entertainment for the evening was bingo and it was perfectly hilarious. After the festivities ended I went home and sent Hubby back to church to clean up. He did, but let me tell you it didn't take him even half as long as it took me to set up! Ugh! I, after putting the leftovers in the freezer, absolutely crashed on the couch. I was exhausted.

And honestly, still am a little bit. But with this busy week, I've been severely slacking off in my homemaker duties. Reagan eats off the floor, but she really shouldn't. Its definitely not clean enough for such activities. My carpet needs to be vacuumed. There is dust on nearly every surface. Laundry begs to be done. Bathrooms deeply desire to be cleaned. Floors simply must be mopped. But would I save all that for a weekend? No, no. No, I plan on working my tail off tonight so that I have the time to go shopping on Saturday.

There's no neat and tidy way to tie up this post. Just like there is nothing neat or tidy about my house right now. And it seems like life is currently way too busy to make sense. It swirls around me and before I know it I found myself exhausted on the couch, wishing I had the energy to crawl in bed, but falling asleep on the sofa instead. Speaking of which...it should be vacuumed as well. Sigh.

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