Friday, February 22, 2008

Feeling Better

Today, for the first time in nearly a week, all of us left the house and went to our jobs and/or daycare facilities for what promises to be a completely normal day.

Can I just say that Nyquill is medicine from the gods. Oh. My. Goodness. I have never slept so peacefully, so soundly, so restfully as I have these last few nights. Which is saying something considering the plague that inhabits our house.

Hubby has now contracted the plague. It was bound to happen. Poor guy. As he shivered from fever next to me in bed last night I couldn't help but thank God that Reagan and I were at least on the up swing as Hubby was on the down swing. If you have to be sick, its better to not all be sick at the same time. That's just my personal belief.

Reagan managed to sleep the entire night in her very own bed! She woke up a couple times coughing and screaming, but we were able to calm her back down and she drifted back off to sleep. When Reagan was an infant, we would on occassion grow so completely flustered by her crying that we would put her in bed, close her bedroom door, and lay there hoping and praying that she would cry herself to sleep. This never worked. She would cry and scream for hours - and we would eventually give up and just sleep with her in the chair. However, in more recent days she has thrown a small fit and in two minutes she has tired herself out so much that she just falls asleep.

I am so excited that I am feeling better because this weekend I have Bible study with my girls and then scrapbooking for 8 whole uninterrupted hours! My Mom is coming down to watch little Reagan and Hubby will probably find himself out at the farm. Basically, we are all going to be doing just exactly what we love to do. And after a week of being stuck inside feeling like we would never see the outside world again, having the opportunity to leave the house sounds absolutely fabulous.

We hope you have something fabulous planned for your weekend as well!

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