Friday, November 30, 2007

Snow Den

The rumors are swirling that soon we will be covered either in sheets of ice or blankets of snow. Either way, it sounds like an invitation to stay in bed, doesn't it?

I haven't fully decided yet what to do with a Hubby at home all weekend (translation: child care) and me with time on my hands (translation: no where to go).

Reading a book sounds like a perfect activity. I have a few but none of them are really begging me to read them so I'm a little unsure if this will happen.

Baking something wonderful also sounds like a perfect activity. Problem here is that it is the end of the month and I officially have NO FOOD in my house.

Decorating the Christmas tree definitely needs doing. Normally I make that WAY too complicated - in years past it takes me 3 uninterrupted hours. I have no plans to put that much time into it this year. Reagan would only disassemble it in seconds anyway.

Sleeping seems to be the obvious answer. But too much sleep (you didn't know there was such a thing, did you?) and pretty soon the world gets foggy and you don't feel like doing anything at all.

Fortunately for my beloved family, I have a rather challenging guitar assignment from my fearless guitar teacher. And I fully intend on subjecting them to me plunking out song after song after song. And no, Hubby and PetePete have not yet realized just how lucky they are!

At any rate, whether the weather wreaks havoc on your life this weekend or not, I wish you much safety and warmth.

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