Monday, November 19, 2007

A kinda big week

So many of you are probably experiencing the whole rush to prepare for Thanksgiving this week. We are doing the same, but have managed to add a birthday party and Christmas shopping on top of all of that.

We will be staying home for Thanksgiving this year. Last year I sorta missed out on all the delicious food everyone else got to eat. So a turkey dinner is sure to beat the beef broth I was given last Thanksgiving. Blech.

Hubby and I may go shopping on Friday. We are crazy, yes, we know that. But hopefully we can get everything we need in one humongous day. If not, well, some of you may be out of luck.

Reagan will be one year old on Thanksgiving Day. We will be having a rip-roaring party for her on Saturday afternoon. Okay, not so sure about the rip-roaring part, but watching her eat chocolate cake could be the most entertainment anyone will see in quite some time. Pictures will be posted. And, if you're lucky, a video.

So with all that, I guess I better get my b-hind in the kitchen and start cooking up all the birthday cakes, birthday treats, pumpkin cookies, salads, snacks and whatnot that will be necessary this week. If it wasn't all so much fun I think I would be stressed.

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