Friday, October 26, 2007


1. My haircut is just that bad and 2. Reagan likes family pictures.

That and Grandma took the picture so she was pretty psyched about that.

By the way, I know its been a while but we are just swamped around here (office and at home). I will post something more fascinating and worthwhile in the near future. But for now, Reagan's smile will charm you to get you by!

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Laura said...

Hi! Reagan's smille IS charming and adorable!! I love how you all coordinate in the family picture. I don't think your haircut is horrible - then again you hid most of it so i can't even tell what the haircut looks like. I'm sure its fine. :) Steve wants me to CHOP my hair - like a very short bob and layers and highlights - - I thought guys weren't supposed to care - anyway, not sure I'm ready for a big change yet either, but we'll see. Love the picture, thanks for the update. :) skips