Friday, July 13, 2007

I interviewed my brother, about myself, when I was 12. He was approximately 8. Here ya go.

Jean: What's your favorite thing about me? Why?
Tom: When we tease Amy.
Which we did...often.

J: What do you dislike about me? Why?
T: When you babysit.
Apparently, I was a dictator. Who knew?

J: What do you think I am not good at?
T: Not getting hurt.
This was important to poor Tom. He got hurt. A. Lot.

J: What am I good at?
T: Singing.
How long do you think I waited for him to say something else. Anything else.

J: How have I changed through the years?
T: Don't play as much.
He says as he snaps together his legos.

J: Do I show my faith well? Why or why not?
T: Yes, because you pray well.
Interesting because I never prayed in front of him and I still consider it my weakest "event".

J: Can I be a person everyone would like at times?
T: Yeah.
I was in junior high. That should explain it all.

J: What do you admire in me? Why?
T: English.
Yes, well, you wouldn't have if you had read my poetry and short stories!

J: When have I annoyed you most?
T: When you babysit. When I almost crashed the crystal display.
He ran into a shelf at Walmart which had a bunch of glasses on it. I caught them. And then yelled at him.

J: When am I most down to earth?
T: You are always realistic except when you listen to tapes.
This was before the days of CDs, people. Tapes were all I had.

J: What are some times I embarrassed you?
T: When you hugged me in the hall because I was going thatplace for the the spelling bee.
Does he still remember this, I wonder? I do not.

J: Describe me as a person?
T: Funny. Daydreaming. Grouchy at times.
Whatever. I'm never grouchy. He made that up.

J: What bad things have I done?
T: Said some bad words. You tried to kill my stuffed animals.

J: Do I deserve to go to heaven?
T: Yeah.
Well, there you have it!

J: Do you think I have many talents?
T: Yeah.

J: Do I do well in a Christian school?
T: Yeah.
Me and my odd questions.

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