Monday, July 30, 2007

House Tour Continues...

As long as I can remember, I have wanted a sleigh bed. So after 2 years of marriage, we went furniture shopping. I had only one stipulation - we would not buy anything other than a sleigh bed. I categorically refused to consider anything that was not considered a sleigh bed.

Why the fascination with a sleigh bed? I honestly don't know. I had never slept in one. I simply loved the way it looked. And after an entire day (yes, at least 8 hours) at the store, we decided on this set.

We have plans of expanding to a queen size mattress. Yes, we are sleeping on a full. And no, it isn't big enough (especially when you add, on occassion, Reagan to the equation).

The walls are a pleasant gray/green - which compliment the cherry furniture nicely. I splurged on the coverlet for the bed and once we buy our bigger mattress, I will be color coordinating with some pillows and new sheets!

Its a pleasant place to rest. The room is filled with special things - our framed wedding invitation, wedding pictures, a handmade (just for me) jewelry box, a vase from China, special tokens scattered about. But perhaps the most significant element hangs above our bed. The certificates of our profession of faith, framed, preserved, remembered.

In a place that we strive to make comfortable, we find the words:

What is your ONLY comfort, in life and in death?
That I am not my own, but belong body and soul, to my faithful Savior, Jesus Christ.

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