Monday, June 25, 2007

Come in and have a seat!

This is where we do most of our 'living'. We have been slowly purchasing furniture for the last several years, adding various pieces, one at a time. The result is a nice little collection. Parts of me really subscribe to the collected-pieces-decorating theory. Rather than purchasing an entire set, we have selected each item separately and distinctly - mostly on the merits that we liked that individual piece and not as much that it "matched" perfectly the other pieces already taking up residence in our residence. And if all that sounded ridiculous, just remember I read a lot of decorating websites and magazines - all of which strongly influence my decorating philosophies...and apparently language as well.

Below you can see our beloved Dordt quilt hanging over the staircase - yes, the perfect display spot! This is our very comfy couch - great for naps! Also, note the ultra cheap/used/abused coffee table. Abused coffee tables are wonderful things. We don't care if you put your feet on it or if your kid bangs his toys on it. But please note, this is the only surface in our home upon which we will tolerate such behavior. However, if any of you want to "accidentally" destroy that awful chandelier I will be eternally grateful. Hubby will yell at me for that sentence (he likes the ugly thing).

We had the fortunate foresight to plan a little extra space for baby stuff. Reagan's swing and play gym now fill a corner next to the hall - a place visible to me from many areas. View to the kitchen and dining area.

Details (in order):
Have a candy.
Custom-made curtain rod.
Henry the houseplant.
Custom-made shelf by Hubby.
The blanket basket.

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